This week we love…

This week we are loving skipping in the garden, painting on canvas, experimenting with watercolours, planting seeds and re-stocking with library books.   It seems my guys haven’t skipped enough as the skills were a little lacking so lots of fun had this week as they invented various skipping games.  We really enjoyed using canvas […]

Baby Play – 17 months

Some of the things Bean has been exploring this past month.  From left to right, top to bottom. A couple of books he particularly favoured, ‘I Like Books‘ and ‘Peepo.’ Peepo is an old classic, the pictures are so detailed, Bean loved pointing to all the familiar objects for me to name.  It also has […]

This week we love….

…Jobs in the garden, sunshine, discovering daisies, seeing a butterfly up close, licking the cake mix bowl, warm fairy cakes with jam inside, camps in the lounge, duvet afternoon watching Charlotte’s Webb, Bravewriter Blogs ‘Movie Wednesday,‘ idea, researching Dick Turpin, learning how to add perspective to drawings, ‘Daisy and the trouble with Christmas,’book and lots […]

Hidden Treasure!

    My biggies have always fantasized about finding some treasure so there was excitement at the weekend when digging out an old tree stump Mermaid discovered a coin.  Upon closer inspection we discovered it was in fact two shillings!  Cue much research into old coins and their values.  We discovered that two shillings was […]