Baby play – 14 months

Baby Bean is all about the practical life at the moment. We are beginning to incorporate activities into his day, for example he always puts his baby gro in the washing basket each morning, he can take his socks off and put them in the washing basket, washing hands, brushing teeth and brushing hair are […]

Seasons Greetings!

We are getting very excited about Christmas and New Year here.  We love Christmas for the time together, hubby works long hours and time all together is precious.  We are keeping it simple and low key this year and decided for our sanity we would avoid all the long distance travelling and visiting rounds that […]

Baby Play – Christmas Part 2

Some more Christmas activities for Baby Bean. First a sensory tub, it includes Pom poms, texture balls, snowflakes, candy canes, stars and Baby Beans absolute favourite a bottle of bells.  He loves the sound of these.  He loves this tub but I noticed that he spent as much time putting on and taking off the […]

Baby Play – Christmas

I created a few Christmas themed activities for Baby Bean this week.  Firstly inspired by A little Learning For Two I created some Scents of Christmas cards.  I used peppermint, pine needles, spice, vanilla and ginger.  Baby Bean returns to these often to have a smell – and a lick!  Next a bowl of bells […]