Baby Sleep Diaries – An Update!

Its been no secret that Bean is a night party owl, I have written about it before here. So in the blur that is sleepless nights the baby became a toddler ….but ….I am pleased to report that we have turned a corner.  Whilst I still cannot claim that Bean sleeps through until morning as […]

5am Nature lesson…

Bean and I were up at the usual 5am, we always enjoy a quiet hour together before the others begin to emerge.  I had opened the windows as it was a truly beautiful morning and we were listening to the birds singing.  When bold as brass this little guy came to join us, he flew […]

This week we love…

… Creating cosmic cats and mandalas courtesy of the lessons from this site, puzzles -always a hit when we dig them out, catching up with friends – so lovely to catch up in real life with this amazing family, listening to Handel and Bach whilst doing art together and walks with toddlers.   Our five […]

Baby Play – 18 months

  Gosh I am finding it hard to believe that we are at 18 months already!  So as usual here are some of the things Toddler Bean has been exploring, from left to right, top to bottom.  1) Three favourite books of the month, Lulu’s holiday, It’s Mine and Who lives here.  Lulu’s holiday has been […]

This week we love….

… paddling pools, the smell of sun cream, ice creams, BBQ’s, jumping in puddles, seeking natural shelter from the rain, the sensory experience of feeling raindrops on faces, listening to it falling, watching the ripples of drops in puddles.  We have been enjoying the contrast in the weather, from an exceptionally hot day yesterday to […]

Our Toy Story – how less is more.

Our toy story began nearly fourteen years ago when ,pregnant with our first baby, we lived in a two bedroom mid terrace.  The spare bedroom was lovingly decorated as a nursery complete with new furniture a couple of soft toys and a handful of baby toys.  Being the first baby in our extended family Fairy […]