Summer Holidays!

I am so excited…….. No we are not jetting off somewhere exotic but I do get to spring (summer!) clean the house.  I am sure this has many of you recoiling in horror but I love it.  We take a room at a time and go through every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny decluttering, reorganising […]


Balls! I put this tray together for Baby Bean since he is 100% focused on crawling/slithering at the moment.  Just three balls.  The smallest is a bean bag type ball, a woollen ball and inflatable globe.  The globe is by far his favourite and he has completed several lengths batting it and slithering after it. […]

Our Journey Into Home Education – Part 3 – Things we discovered and love about Home educating!

Part 1 of our home educating adventure ‘The what was…’ can be found here.  Part 2 ‘The what is….’ can be found here.  Which brings us here to part 3 of this series, this post outlines many of the benefits we discovered during our journey. 1) We can travel when we like, avoid the manic […]

Our Journey Into Home Education – Part 2 – The What is….

The start of our Home Educating adventure can be found here.  Fast forward five years and we now live in a beautiful rural village in a smaller house with our substantially smaller mortgage.  This frees me up to stay home with my four children and home educate.   There are many different ways to home […]