Montessori Toddler Play 24 months

Some of Beans activities from the past month, seem to be a little short on pictures unfortunately. 1) Montessori knobbed cylinders – I have only introduced set 1 and 2 at the moment.  I love that he will sit and repeat putting them in and taking them out for a good 15 – 20 minutes. […]

My baby is 2!

Wow that was a superfast two years, I can’t quite believe it.  My little guy had a wonderful birthday swimming with his siblings and friends.  I have reflected a lot recently upon his birth which is still rather bittersweet for me.  I have blogged about it before here , here and here .  Little Bean loves jumping, […]

What Do You Actually Need To Home Educate?

…A teaching degree, a copy of the National Curriculum, a purpose built ‘classroom….There are of course the various myths that fly around proposing that the above is essential but the truth is you don’t much in order to home educate successfully.  Just to be clear you don’t need to be a qualified teacher or have a […]