Baby Play – 17 months

Some of the things Bean has been exploring this past month.  From left to right, top to bottom.

A couple of books he particularly favoured, ‘I Like Books‘ and ‘Peepo.’ Peepo is an old classic, the pictures are so detailed, Bean loved pointing to all the familiar objects for me to name.  It also has a very endearing rhyming scheme.

I have been experimenting with presentation of his things and seeing if it made a difference to how he interacted and used the items.  So this pound a ball activity I kept on a tray to contain the balls, with the balls and hammer in a basket.  He mainly enjoyed taking the balls from the basket and placing in the frame this time round, the hammering itself wasn’t so popular.

Bean spent much more time with this texture match activity this time round as it was presented with the small cylinders in a basket. He really enjoyed fitting them into the tray and then carrying the tray to me and starting again!

The caterpillar also caught his attention and it was super exciting to notice he was colour matching.

These farm cards are a huge hit mainly as a posting activity.  Bean just loves to tip all these out and then tidy them all back in the box again.  He did this every day over and over again.  His favourite card to show me was the tractor card – we live in an area heavily populated with tractors!

A yellow treasure basket of items found around the house.  He didn’t really like this much as he appears to dislike shredded paper for some reason!

I have been presenting puzzles in this way for him although I started with just the 0 out for him to place.  We gradually built up and he consistently can do 0, 1, 2, 3 and 8.  Very cute as he likes to count them afterwards but always covers his eyes as that’s what we do when playing hide and seek!

A simple stacking toy, he had a couple of days of intense play with this but that was about it.

Finally I noticed that last month with his posting buttons activity he really wanted to work on pouring so we began with a simple pouring mini eggs activity that he really enjoyed.

Its clear that his theme for the month has been putting things in and out so a good lead for some new activities next month, along with perhaps a tractor in the spirit of ‘following the child!’

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