Baby Play – 16 months

        I decided to create a monthly post detailing some of Beans activities as I have found similar ideas really helpful for some age inspired ideas.  Here are some of the things Bean has enjoyed during his 16th month.  From left to right, top to bottom. 1) Mark making, he has just […]

Take care of the pennies….

Deciding to home educate can often have financial implications, it did for us anyway.  In order to home educate my eldest daughter I needed to give up my teaching salary and learning to survive on one, average, income has been a whole journey in itself. We have found some financial pros to home educating… cheap […]

Wedgits-Construction Toy

  I have a post in the making on Bean’s 16 month activities and adventures but we have really enjoyed re-discovering our wedgits and wanted to share.  We dug these out of our stores at the weekend and I had forgotten how much fun they were.  Everyone has stopped to have a play with them […]

The best days…

Although the weather is still a little chilly we have been lucky to have a run of blue skies and sunshine.  I absolutely love seeing my biggies choosing to go outside and I have abandoned many plans to give them the freedom to just ‘be’ in the garden.  Wildlife has been found and observed, tepees constructed, […]