Baby Play – Halloween

Here are some of the things I put together for Baby Bean this week. A basket of bones A real pumpkin to touch and smell, he loved this.   A bucket of spiders and webs. Some skull and bone shaped coloured ice cubes. Orange playdough with Halloween cookie cutters – find my playdough recipe here. […]

Gluten free Halloween Cookies

Fairy is the gluten free baker in our house and these are a batch of cookies she created this week.  It was a slight cheat since we used the Oaty Cookie Mix packet from Delicious Alchemy.  Mainly because they are currently in the sale for 99p each and along with free delivery code GFCENTRE15 they […]

Spanish Resources – Family Language learning!

This is certainly one area of education where my children and I are learning together!  Traditionally children in the UK learn French at School with the options to add or swap in Spanish and German.  Since our family travels usually take us to Spanish speaking parts of the world we decided this would be the […]

Happy Birthday Baby Bean!

I simply can’t believe a whole year has passed.  You arrived in dramatic style but were healthy and fit once delivered.  You were such a help to me in hospital,   I held you constantly basking in your gorgeous newborn smell and looking into those huge blue eyes.  Your siblings were so excited that you were […]

We are on Twitter! And, ahem, Facebook again……

At last I have got round to joining Twitter and Facebook!  I did join Facebook back here but recently discovered that I hadn’t actually published the page!  Where are those children when you need an IT lesson???  Fairy is itching to introduce me to the joys of Instagram, but one step at a time hey!