Toddler Play -2-3 years 25 months

  A roundup of Beans activities, from top to bottom, left to right. I have added links (affiliate) where possible if you would like to purchase the item 1) This is how Beans shelves look.  We are currently using an old tv unit which works pretty well, the shelves in the middle are for CD […]

“Infant Attention Span…”

…”suffers when parents eyes wander during playtime.  This study was brought to my attention as a certified Hand in Hand instructor which supports the use of Special Time – one of the crucial tools of Hand in Hand.   From an education point of view it is interesting to note that the “caregivers most successful […]

College Life After Home Education

Rest assured there is life after Home Education…Fairy has just completed her first half term at College after six years of Home Education.  You can read about why we removed her from School here and then her decision to start College here.  Fairy absolutely loves College life, has made lots of friends and her confidence […]