Baby Play – 20 months

      So confession time I didn’t alter Beans shelf much this past month as we were on holiday and then I took it easy for a few weeks – see this post. this post.  He also has been really keen to carry on playing with some items, noticeably the sticker book, air travel […]

‘Free to Learn’

Just wanted to share my holiday read with you, don’t worry I whipped through the obligatory fiction novel first!  I decided to take Free to Learn by Peter Gray.  It was a really interesting read – if you like reading about learning and education of course!  It took me a while as I had to […]

Baby Play – 19 months

    Here are some of the things Bean has been interested in over the last month.  We were fortunate enough to spend two weeks abroad where Bean spent most of his time exploring sand and water play, swimming and dancing!   From left to right, top to bottom. Stacking bricks, just four at this […]