5 become 6…

We are delighted to announce the arrival of baby bean.  A healthy baby boy arrived safely via emergency Caesarian section on Monday 13th October.  Yep loving the irony of the lucky/unlucky for some number 13 and incidentally the day of the midwife strike….. My carefully prepared birth plan comprising of a beautifully candle lit, drug […]


It’s that time of year, the long Summer holidays stretch ahead and many parents wonder how to entertain the kiddies.  Guess what???  Boredom is the way to go! Life doesn’t alter much for us and we plod along in much the same way, having fun, playing and living life and learning from it.  However I […]

The Baby Preparations!

Ahh the baby preparations. I remember it so well during the pregnancy of my first baby. Armed with the Mothercare list several pages long of ‘essentials’ and the spare room to clear, decorate and furnish. Frankly nine months didn’t quite seem long enough. Don’t get me wrong I loved baby shopping for my eagerly anticipated […]