Bring it back to now…..

Ever have those days/moments when you get kidnapped by your brain and it takes you for a ride??  Well it happens to me sometimes and I can find myself entering a negative spiral that gets faster and faster and seemingly more out of control.  It happened to me when I started thinking that we need […]

Pregnancy Insomnia!

I am sitting down to write this post at 2am!  I seem to be entering a phase of pregnancy insomnia.  I remember having it during my first pregnancy and now it’s back.  It’s so frustrating spending all day fighting to stay awake then all night fighting to get to sleep.    So what is keeping […]

Rejecting the pre-packaged life!

As a young child I was quiet, well behaved and accepted the pre-packaged life with minimum fuss.  I remained guided by family and teachers and was kept busy with School and my main hobby horse-riding.  I accepted instruction without question.    I am not sure when/where I became quite a rebel??  I think it began […]

Bargain Hunting!

We never said ‘never again,’however we did re-home all our baby equipment after the birth of  Mermaid nearly seven years ago.  I am a pretty keen declutterer, I would love to give a fabulous reason for this but in reality less stuff = less mess to clean around.  Do you know how quick and easy it […]