Coming full circle….

Five years ago my firstborn ‘Fairy’ was miserable, she loathed School with a passion.  We had watched her change from a smiley, sunny little girl into a withdrawn, miserable one.  It was heartbreaking.  We agonised, as many parents do, over whether withdrawing her from School was the right thing to do?  Could we give her […]

Homemade Christmas Cards

This week we decided to get going with our Christmas cards.  We settled on a really simple button tree idea and we all experimented with different patterns for the trees.  I think they look pretty cute!

The Great History Bakeoff!!

This week we enjoyed our own ‘Great History Bakeoff’ we are working through world history chronologically using a crafty approach coupled with TV, films and YouTube.  We are keeping a folder timeline.  Since we are currently looking at the Bronze Age we thought a Bakeoff would be fun.  In case you can’t tell (!!) we […]

Baby Play – 12 months

Its been a while since I have posted about Baby Beans activities.  Having had a birthday recently Bean has some new items he has been enjoying.  He has a Melissa & Doug Shape Peg Puzzle,  he loves peg puzzles well namely removing all the pieces although I have noticed in the past week he has […]

Sleep Deprivation….. Coffee anyone?

We searched everywhere for the cheese, I knew we had some.  I had opened a new pack and used a little for a homemade pizza.  We just couldn’t find it anywhere……36 hours later and hubby discovered the elusive cheese in the measuring jug cupboard. Yep sleep deprivation is starting to tell on me now.  To […]

News I Love To Read and a *Giveaway*!!!!

I’ll hold my hands up I generally don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world, I guess some people would call it ignorant but I just find the news depressing.  Not just that but with the amount of news bulletins nowadays and the 24 hour news channels we end up hearing this ‘news’ […]

Science Experiment – PH Tester

We recently created our own PH testing indicator using red cabbage.  To do so we chopped a quarter of a red cabbage and placed in a saucepan with cold water.  Once boiling we let it simmer for five minutes then left to cool.  Once cool we poured through a sieve into a couple of clean […]