Live your dream….

Whats most important, literacy, numeracy, the arts, the sciences?  What should get a good allocation of time? Which takes priority?  

Our philosophy in our house – living your dream!  

Each day makes up our pathway through life, there is no dress rehearsal, there may not be a tomorrow.  I really try to remember this as I navigate the trials of life, this is really it, right now, this minute.  If there is one thing I wish for my children its that they  live their dream and love what they do.  

Follow your heart and your passion and everything else will fall into place.

Its why I spend a lot of time checking in with my children’s latest passions and endeavor to assist them in researching it further , helping them gather resources and of course to have the time to explore, practise and develop.  These passions may not last the course but that’s fine, they have the freedom to ditch them too.  Its all part of the journey…

4 thoughts on “Live your dream….

  1. To live your dream, one must take one small step (or large) towards their goal, every single day. If your dream is to publish a book, then write just one page a day. If your dream is to be a singer, keep on singing until the right person hears you. If your dream is to help someone, then go help anyone today. if your dream is to sail the oceans and to see the world, make a plan to see one new place each year . Keep on dreaming. And, no matter what, keep on keeping on!


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