Montessori Baby Play – 23 months

Another round up of Beans adventures during his 23rd month.  As usual from top to bottom, left to right. 1) The hands down favourite story this month was Duck in The Truck, Bean loves it and I am pretty word perfect with it now.  Its super cute that I often notice he is acting out/retelling […]

Baby Play – 17 months

Some of the things Bean has been exploring this past month.  From left to right, top to bottom. A couple of books he particularly favoured, ‘I Like Books‘ and ‘Peepo.’ Peepo is an old classic, the pictures are so detailed, Bean loved pointing to all the familiar objects for me to name.  It also has […]

Baby Play 15 months – body parts

Baby Bean wants to know the names of everything at the moment and is especially interested in facial features.  In my attempt to ‘follow the child’ I added some facial features cards (link on my Montessori free printables page) to his treasure chest and we found a Heads, shoulders, knees and toes book at the […]

Baby Play – Christmas

I created a few Christmas themed activities for Baby Bean this week.  Firstly inspired by A little Learning For Two I created some Scents of Christmas cards.  I used peppermint, pine needles, spice, vanilla and ginger.  Baby Bean returns to these often to have a smell – and a lick!  Next a bowl of bells […]

Homemade Christmas Cards

This week we decided to get going with our Christmas cards.  We settled on a really simple button tree idea and we all experimented with different patterns for the trees.  I think they look pretty cute!

Baby Play – Halloween

Here are some of the things I put together for Baby Bean this week. A basket of bones A real pumpkin to touch and smell, he loved this.   A bucket of spiders and webs. Some skull and bone shaped coloured ice cubes. Orange playdough with Halloween cookie cutters – find my playdough recipe here. […]

Baby Play

Added to the shelf this week for Baby Bean was play dough, a small selection of animals, a ‘red’ tray and a very ‘un’ Montessori Mr potato head!  This was Bubbas first experience of play dough, we played with it still slightly warm just to add to the sensory experience.  Usually I colour my dough […]

How to make Playdough

This is really quick and simple to make.  You will need: flour – 1 cup water – 1 cup salt – 1/2 cup cooking oil – 1 tablespoon cream of tartar – 1 tablespoon These are the basics but feel free to add in any food colouring, essential oils etc that you desire (cocoa powder […]

Kids Art Week Lesson 2 & 3

We have been following the Kids Art Week lessons from here.  Our first week can be found here.  The second lesson was a crayon resist night sky, I love the way these came out.  Fairy decided to have fireworks in her sky which I think works really well.  The third lesson was leaf printing, my […]

Baby Play

This week I added to Baby Beans shelf a ‘green’ treasure basket, a Melissa and Doug latch board and a tambourine.  I have left out some favourites from last week such as the open and close basket, the scarf pulling activity and the shakers.  I have started to show Bean how to stack the blocks […]