During the School holidays I lose my biggies to the lure and fun of the great outdoors and their (school attending) friends.  I love that they are still having a good old fashioned time outside in all weathers organising football tournaments, creating camps and choreographing music videos.  I have been using the time to reflect on our life learning journey and what is going well and of course those things that don’t work so well!  Like the time we tried listening to ‘Wind in the Willows’ which mine just downright didn’t like or when we made glittery gloop that was fun for under one minute  but is still very much in evidence today.

I like to find out from the children themselves topics or new interests they are keen to pursue.  So I asked them today to tell me the first thing that comes into their head ( with regards to projects they wish to pursue.).  I wont delve into too much detail but lets just say we spent the morning researching healthy bowel movements…Fears and concerns dealt with and all being a little the wiser regarding the digestive system  and acceptable numbers of bowel movements per day and we managed to move on.  So my big three have chosen coding, DIY and dressmaking.  Frankly they couldn’t have chosen three topics any further out of my comfort zone – it even made the poo project seem appealing!  Any ideas/resources gratefully received!

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