Toddler Play, 2-3 years, 27 months

A selection of Beans activities from the last month.  As usual from top to bottom, left to right.

1, 2 & 4). Despite the chilly weather we endeavour to get outside every day to experience nature in winter and the different weathers.

3) Simple paint activity using a chalkboard, water and a paintbrush.

5) Pound a ball returned with a little more emphasis on colour sorting the balls.

6) A red themed basket, I was lazy and paid for the colour booklets from the Montessori Print shop, although they would be easy to create.  I keep thinking I should take photographs of a few coloured objects then it would double up as a object to picture matching exercise but all the best laid plans…..

7) An ELC colour matching puzzle.

8) Sorting the coloured fruit into the pie.  Bean loved this although finds the tweezers tricky so need to swap them for something easier.

9) We have a new pirate fascination so I dug out his pirate puzzle and filled a treasure chest with a mini treasure box with three gems, an eyepatch and two pirates.  Lovely for some vocabulary work and creative play.

10) A bus puzzle with Beans name on found here.

11) Two of our favourite books from this month, Things that go, My first search and find book and Out and About, a first book of poems by Shirley Hughes.

12) Finally Bean loves a hot chocolate so we have been playing this game counting the marshmallows on the hot chocolate.

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