wp_20170125_11_05_29_proI wanted to share this book as it was the key to one of those unplanned journeys of discovery.

We are currently exploring books from Barrington Stokes as they are Dyslexia friendly, the text is a good size, well spaced and printed on cream paper whilst the titles are age friendly themes.

Superhero was attracted by the front cover being a football fan.  He is a fluent reader but just not a big reading fan.  This book really grabbed him as it is the true story of Walter Tull, an orphan who went on to play for Tottenham, and then played a heroic part in World War 1 becoming the first black man to be appointed Officer.  Sadly he was killed in action.  

Superhero was really gripped by his story, despite being an Arsenal fan!  We went on to discover more about World War 1 and the conditions the men, women and animals endured, we learnt about the Battle Of Somme, racism, the symbolism of poppies, Flanders Fields.  YouTube as ever was a gem for video footage.  Well worth a read for any football fans or those interested in reading about the war.

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