Baby Play – 16 months

        I decided to create a monthly post detailing some of Beans activities as I have found similar ideas really helpful for some age inspired ideas.  Here are some of the things Bean has enjoyed during his 16th month.  From left to right, top to bottom. 1) Mark making, he has just […]

Baby play

Here is some of Baby Beans activities from last week.  I added to his shelves Weight cylinders – the colour coded dots are the control of error – obviously Bean is to small for matching these by weight but I thought he may enjoy exploring them. A couple of shakers. A basket of open/close items. […]


Balls! I put this tray together for Baby Bean since he is 100% focused on crawling/slithering at the moment.  Just three balls.  The smallest is a bean bag type ball, a woollen ball and inflatable globe.  The globe is by far his favourite and he has completed several lengths batting it and slithering after it. […]

Treasure Basket – Shells and Pebbles

This week Baby Bean’s treasure basket contains shells and pebbles.  I washed them carefully first.  I love taking the time to observe Baby Bean with his basket, obviously with these kind of objects constant supervision is required anyway.  I’ve noticed he gets visibly excited when he sees his basket now.  Today he went for the […]

Baby Activities

This week Baby Bean is exploring a treasure basket of wooden 3D shapes, the Montessori primary colour tablets and a dressing frame bear.   He chose the treasure basket first and picked out the blue cylinder over and over again.  He briefly explored the other shapes but went back to the cylinder.  Of the other […]