Home Educators Block

During the last half term holiday I was pondering on Geography and History and where to go with it.  We often end up following a path because we have been on a trip and seen something which has triggered an interest to find out more, or we are heading somewhere and want to find out […]

How to make Playdough

This is really quick and simple to make.  You will need: flour – 1 cup water – 1 cup salt – 1/2 cup cooking oil – 1 tablespoon cream of tartar – 1 tablespoon These are the basics but feel free to add in any food colouring, essential oils etc that you desire (cocoa powder […]

Kids Art Week Lesson 2 & 3

We have been following the Kids Art Week lessons from here.  Our first week can be found here.  The second lesson was a crayon resist night sky, I love the way these came out.  Fairy decided to have fireworks in her sky which I think works really well.  The third lesson was leaf printing, my […]

Fossil Activities

First we created a fossil sandwich.  We found the idea here.  You need some bread slices, jelly sweets and some water.  I think the more detailed jelly sweets you can find the better, we purchased ours with our online shop so I couldn’t really check the best ones to get.  You soak the sweets in […]

Let’s talk about sex………

Ok I will be honest this was one part of home educating that I wasn’t looking forward to, I just wasn’t really sure what way to go about it.  I started preparing early and hunting for appropriate resources.  Another home ed mum recommended the following books to me by Babette Cole. Hair in funny places […]

Are we on a break???

Along with the often asked ‘socialisation’ question is the ‘do you carry on working during the holidays?’ question.  Hmmm I find this one difficult to answer. I mean we kind of do and we kind of don’t.  I guess the question sort of assumes that if children are not being taught then they are not […]