Baby Play – Christmas

I created a few Christmas themed activities for Baby Bean this week.  Firstly inspired by A little Learning For Two I created some Scents of Christmas cards.  I used peppermint, pine needles, spice, vanilla and ginger.  Baby Bean returns to these often to have a smell – and a lick!  Next a bowl of bells […]

Homemade Christmas Cards

This week we decided to get going with our Christmas cards.  We settled on a really simple button tree idea and we all experimented with different patterns for the trees.  I think they look pretty cute!

Baby Play – 12 months

Its been a while since I have posted about Baby Beans activities.  Having had a birthday recently Bean has some new items he has been enjoying.  He has a Melissa & Doug Shape Peg Puzzle,  he loves peg puzzles well namely removing all the pieces although I have noticed in the past week he has […]

Science Experiment – PH Tester

We recently created our own PH testing indicator using red cabbage.  To do so we chopped a quarter of a red cabbage and placed in a saucepan with cold water.  Once boiling we let it simmer for five minutes then left to cool.  Once cool we poured through a sieve into a couple of clean […]

Baby Play – Halloween

Here are some of the things I put together for Baby Bean this week. A basket of bones A real pumpkin to touch and smell, he loved this.   A bucket of spiders and webs. Some skull and bone shaped coloured ice cubes. Orange playdough with Halloween cookie cutters – find my playdough recipe here. […]

Baby Play

Added to the shelf this week for Baby Bean was play dough, a small selection of animals, a ‘red’ tray and a very ‘un’ Montessori Mr potato head!  This was Bubbas first experience of play dough, we played with it still slightly warm just to add to the sensory experience.  Usually I colour my dough […]

How to make Playdough

This is really quick and simple to make.  You will need: flour – 1 cup water – 1 cup salt – 1/2 cup cooking oil – 1 tablespoon cream of tartar – 1 tablespoon These are the basics but feel free to add in any food colouring, essential oils etc that you desire (cocoa powder […]

Baby Play

This week I added to Baby Beans shelf a ‘green’ treasure basket, a Melissa and Doug latch board and a tambourine.  I have left out some favourites from last week such as the open and close basket, the scarf pulling activity and the shakers.  I have started to show Bean how to stack the blocks […]

Fossil Activities

First we created a fossil sandwich.  We found the idea here.  You need some bread slices, jelly sweets and some water.  I think the more detailed jelly sweets you can find the better, we purchased ours with our online shop so I couldn’t really check the best ones to get.  You soak the sweets in […]

Baby play

Here is some of Baby Beans activities from last week.  I added to his shelves Weight cylinders – the colour coded dots are the control of error – obviously Bean is to small for matching these by weight but I thought he may enjoy exploring them. A couple of shakers. A basket of open/close items. […]