Montessori Toddler Play 24 months

Some of Beans activities from the past month, seem to be a little short on pictures unfortunately. 1) Montessori knobbed cylinders – I have only introduced set 1 and 2 at the moment.  I love that he will sit and repeat putting them in and taking them out for a good 15 – 20 minutes. […]

My baby is 2!

Wow that was a superfast two years, I can’t quite believe it.  My little guy had a wonderful birthday swimming with his siblings and friends.  I have reflected a lot recently upon his birth which is still rather bittersweet for me.  I have blogged about it before here , here and here .  Little Bean loves jumping, […]

What Do You Actually Need To Home Educate?

…A teaching degree, a copy of the National Curriculum, a purpose built ‘classroom….There are of course the various myths that fly around proposing that the above is essential but the truth is you don’t much in order to home educate successfully.  Just to be clear you don’t need to be a qualified teacher or have a […]

Home Educators – Free Potato Growing Kit!

Registration is now open for the 2017 potato growing kits.  We have taken part for a few years now, you receive a couple of different potato varieties and grow bags.  The website is full of information to dip into should you desire.  Click here to register and they offer the home ed option in the […]

Home Educating Literacy

Literacy is one of the subjects deemed ‘most’ important after all being able to read and write is fairly essential even just in day to day life.  In Schools it is tackled intensely straight away since the logistics of managing 30 odd children becomes slightly easier once they can read and write independently.  Fairy had […]

Montessori Baby Play – 23 months

Another round up of Beans adventures during his 23rd month.  As usual from top to bottom, left to right. 1) The hands down favourite story this month was Duck in The Truck, Bean loves it and I am pretty word perfect with it now.  Its super cute that I often notice he is acting out/retelling […]

‘Do you trust me?’urged my community midwife…

…Yes I trusted her, she had cared for me throughout all three of my pregnancies and delivered my previous baby at home.  I trusted her with the life of my baby.  As the ambulance stopped she dashed out and disappeared carrying a limp little bundle…my bundle…the bundle that had been my precious bump cargo up […]