This week we love…

…baking gluten free strawberry muffins with Mermaid in a rare afternoon alone together, hot days spent lazing in our hammock under the shade of a tree, fabulous £3 tractor bargain for my tractor fan courtesy of Nannie and Grandad. Hope you are all enjoying your Summer! X

The Great History Bakeoff!!

This week we enjoyed our own ‘Great History Bakeoff’ we are working through world history chronologically using a crafty approach coupled with TV, films and YouTube.  We are keeping a folder timeline.  Since we are currently looking at the Bronze Age we thought a Bakeoff would be fun.  In case you can’t tell (!!) we […]

Gluten free Halloween Cookies

Fairy is the gluten free baker in our house and these are a batch of cookies she created this week.  It was a slight cheat since we used the Oaty Cookie Mix packet from Delicious Alchemy.  Mainly because they are currently in the sale for 99p each and along with free delivery code GFCENTRE15 they […]