This week we love…

… Creating cosmic cats and mandalas courtesy of the lessons from this site, puzzles -always a hit when we dig them out, catching up with friends – so lovely to catch up in real life with this amazing family, listening to Handel and Bach whilst doing art together and walks with toddlers.   Our five […]

Homemade Christmas Cards

This week we decided to get going with our Christmas cards.  We settled on a really simple button tree idea and we all experimented with different patterns for the trees.  I think they look pretty cute!

Kids Art Week – Lesson 4

This week we completed lesson 4 from Kids Art Week.  Here are our links to our completed lesson 1, lesson 2 and 3.  The lesson was about creating faces from natural objects, it suggested painting on some of the objects( rocks/stones) however we went for the completely natural look and left them out in the garden. […]

Kids Art Week Lesson 2 & 3

We have been following the Kids Art Week lessons from here.  Our first week can be found here.  The second lesson was a crayon resist night sky, I love the way these came out.  Fairy decided to have fireworks in her sky which I think works really well.  The third lesson was leaf printing, my […]

Fossil Activities

First we created a fossil sandwich.  We found the idea here.  You need some bread slices, jelly sweets and some water.  I think the more detailed jelly sweets you can find the better, we purchased ours with our online shop so I couldn’t really check the best ones to get.  You soak the sweets in […]