Baby Play – Halloween

Here are some of the things I put together for Baby Bean this week. A basket of bones A real pumpkin to touch and smell, he loved this.   A bucket of spiders and webs. Some skull and bone shaped coloured ice cubes. Orange playdough with Halloween cookie cutters – find my playdough recipe here. […]

How to make Playdough

This is really quick and simple to make.  You will need: flour – 1 cup water – 1 cup salt – 1/2 cup cooking oil – 1 tablespoon cream of tartar – 1 tablespoon These are the basics but feel free to add in any food colouring, essential oils etc that you desire (cocoa powder […]

Baby play

Here is some of Baby Beans activities from last week.  I added to his shelves Weight cylinders – the colour coded dots are the control of error – obviously Bean is to small for matching these by weight but I thought he may enjoy exploring them. A couple of shakers. A basket of open/close items. […]

Sensory Spaghetti….

Take one inquisitive baby, a packet of cooked spaghetti, some food colouring of your choice and let loose!!  We took ours out into the garden, removed most of Baby Beans clothes and gave him a spaghetti server and funnel.  The funnel was great and he enjoyed pulling it out of the end – a really […]

Baby shelves

I haven’t written one of these posts recently.  This week Bean has a stacking toy, threading toy and a ribbon toy on his shelves.  Please note these are only used with parental supervision and are not freely available at all times.  He enjoys playing a sort of tug of war game with the ribbons and […]