An old fashioned summer break….

£1500 was the sum given on the radio for the average amount parents spend entertaining their children during the summer holidays and that didn’t include the cost of going away on holiday.  Gosh, I mean really???  But then by chance I overheard some mums discussing plans for their week ahead and there were scheduled activities […]

Money Saving mama’s

This week we are loving the free postcode lottery.  They offer three draws with prizes ranging from £10 up to £100 per day.  You don’t need to pay a penny all you need to do is check into the site each day to check the winning postcode.  We love a freebie here! You can sign […]

Money saving mama…

When I gave up my job as a Primary school Teacher to home educate our children I also gave up my salary and as such our income halved.  I won’t say it has been easy but we have managed.  My priority is absolutely my children however I do like to still feel that I am contributing (financially!)in […]