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During the last half term holiday I was pondering on Geography and History and where to go with it.  We often end up following a path because we have been on a trip and seen something which has triggered an interest to find out more, or we are heading somewhere and want to find out more about that place.  We were at a bit of a dead end, the children couldn’t offer any suggestions of what they wanted to discover so I needed some ideas to tempt them with.  

I decided to head back to my roots and look at what QCA topics they would have been doing had they been in School and discovered the topics of Water and Victorians.  We went with it and it took us on such an interesting journey of discovery.  We used the questions as prompts for our investigations and watched many youtube clips.  (Totally love Youtube for short, visual clips about pretty much everything).  We found this workbook on water which we dipped in and out of.  We were led to the book ‘A Long Walk To Water’ by Linda Sue Park which describes the experiences of two children in Sudan.  One is a boy trying to escape war and a girl whose job it is to collect water for her family.  Victorians was not a new topic for us but we chose to watch series 1 of Hetty Feathers – my middle two really enjoy watching CBBC’s program The Dumping Ground so I thought Hetty Feathers would appeal.  Mermaid especially loved it and has learnt much about Victorian costume and the lives of children during those times.

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