Toddler Play,2-3 years,26 months

It seems to have been a month of unplanned fine motor activities.  As usual from top to bottom, left to right.

1) Making a bed from a box and some packing material, it was also a car and a tractor.

2) Difficult to make out from the picture but here we were sending letters to Santa via our woodburner with a sprinkle of ‘fairy dust.’  Bean was nominated ‘chief sprinkler’ much to his delight!  Bean has also helped to decorate the Christmas tree.

3,4 & 5). We created some homemade bird feeders.  Threading Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner and using a cookie cutter to cut a shape from bread and spreading peanut butter.

6) First go with scissors, we use these first scissors and tried some simple fringing.  Bean was so excited to do this!

7) Balance on the moon game – Beans way = stacking!

8) More stacking with wooden bricks and of course the counting that goes with it.  Beans record so far is 13.

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