Learning all the time….

A couple of weeks have passed since I have been on here.  All is well and there is much excitement about the oncoming festive period.  

Fairy has one more college day left and has thoroughly enjoyed her first term, so much so that she has her next four years mapped out, two years studying Animals and then two years Performing Arts as she just loves both!  

Toddler Bean is growing and developing fast, I shall try to do another post on him shortly.  

Superhero and Mermaid are great – post to come on our learning adventures soon…  

As for me I am currently studying again, inspired by my beautiful Mermaid and her fantastic and unique brain I am learning much from the British Dyslexia Association.  There have been many ‘A-ha’ moments so far and I am looking forward to being better equipped to facilitate her unique style and perhaps others in the future….

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