Toddler Play -2-3 years 25 months


A roundup of Beans activities, from top to bottom, left to right. I have added links (affiliate) where possible if you would like to purchase the item

1) This is how Beans shelves look.  We are currently using an old tv unit which works pretty well, the shelves in the middle are for CD storage but Bean likes to keep his shoes in there!

2) Halloween scoop and funnel activity, just used seasonal buckets, lentils and black beans.  Obviously this activity is strictly monitored due to choking/eating hazards! A few weeks on and I am still sweeping up lentils…

3) Things that go cards and a basket of things that go.  I would usually shy away from flashcards but Bean loves these, they are real photographs and touchy feely too.  My little guy just loves to line things up at the moment.  Fab Mama moment came when he found the yellow bus in his ‘toob’ and brought it to me with the card featuring the yellow bus.  We haven’t done much matching work yet but it looks as though he is ready for it!

4) Melissa and Doug Dressing bears, he just loves this and will sit for ages dressing the bears and talking about “Mama” and “Dada”.

 5) Balance on the moon game.  This is a lovely fine motor game, I offered it to Bean minus the die but he is not too impressed just yet with it.  He is more taken with stacking the cylinders next to the moon which is fine too.

6) Melissa & Doug sequence puzzle.  Bean finds this one quite tricky at the moment but does bring it to me to do fairly regularly.

7) Fraction puzzle   There is a squares fraction puzzle which may be a simpler alternative.  Bean struggles here with the triangle and circles.

8) Maze counting activity.  A lovely fine motor offering from Melissa and Doug and it has drawn in a few adults too!

9) Fruit threading.  Bean has completed this independently several times, the wooden ‘needle’ makes it simple to thread.

10) Pumpkin counting.  We are counting everything at the moment!

11)  Feely pot with webs and bugs.  

12) Skeleton and bones.

 13) 100 square and cubes.  Inspired by his siblings he wanted to work with this and seperated the cubes and placed them on the square.

14) Peeling a clementine. A lovely practical life activity.  Little Bean loves all the ‘grownup’ tasks.  He requests to scrape his plate now too and load it into the dishwasher just like his big brother and sisters.

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