Montessori Toddler Play 24 months

Some of Beans activities from the past month, seem to be a little short on pictures unfortunately.

1) Montessori knobbed cylinders – I have only introduced set 1 and 2 at the moment.  I love that he will sit and repeat putting them in and taking them out for a good 15 – 20 minutes.  

2) Matching fruit, easily accomplished but not very popular this time round!  

3) Our favourite reads of the month: Skip Through the Seasons, and Ten little fingers and ten little toes.  Skip Through the Seasons has beautiful detailed pictures, one for each month with plenty of objects to ‘I spy’ and develop vocabulary.  Ten Little Fingers is a cute book celebrating babies from around the world, Bean likes it when we count his fingers and toes and he has begun to mimic counting (in his own special language).  

4 & 6) Block and car play and evidence of Bean’s sense of order, this little guy just loves to line things up!  

5) My little Gruffalo exploring dens!

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