What Do You Actually Need To Home Educate?

…A teaching degree, a copy of the National Curriculum, a purpose built ‘classroom….There are of course the various myths that fly around proposing that the above is essential but the truth is you don’t much in order to home educate successfully.  Just to be clear you don’t need to be a qualified teacher or have a purpose built area to study in and you are free to ignore the National Curriculum.

 So what are the essentials?  I think if all you have is a lot of love, a measure of patience, a desire to be with your children a lot and a thirst for knowledge yourself you will do just fine.

 If anything a classroom equipped with a copy of the National Curriculum is perhaps rather limiting, why confine yourself when it is possible to learn anything and use the big wide world as your classroom.  

The useful list for us would include a computer with access to the internet, a library (not just for the obvious books but for the additional free of charge crafts, shows, book readings etc that are put on).  A local support group of home educators is useful too especially for those moments when the desire to be with your children a lot has waned temporarily and you need to meet at the park to let off some steam and ‘socialise’!  

I hear so many people say they would love to home educate and then comes the big ‘but’…..I guess the bottom line is if you think you will love it you most probably will and the decision can always easily be reversed.  Go on I dare you, give it a try!


2 thoughts on “What Do You Actually Need To Home Educate?

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I used to be one of those “but” people, and then realised that it was only me that was standing in the way of home education. We are only 4 months in, but we are wondering why we waited so long to make the change.


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