Montessori Baby Play – 23 months

Another round up of Beans adventures during his 23rd month.  As usual from top to bottom, left to right.

1) The hands down favourite story this month was Duck in The Truck, Bean loves it and I am pretty word perfect with it now.  Its super cute that I often notice he is acting out/retelling parts of the story with his props.  We also enjoyed So Hungry and the Usborne Things That Go was really popular too.  A simple idea of classifying ‘things that go’ and labeling the pictures.  They seem to really appeal to toddlers with their hunger for acquiring vocabulary.

2) Colour work made another appearance this month, matching colour tablets set 1 and this pop up toy.  

3) This lovely size and colour butterfly puzzle has intrigued Bean as the pieces are layered on top of each other.  It appeals to his sense of order and he has been exploring order with everything, I find things lined up everywhere.  Here is a similar version with good reviews.

4) My key obsessed Bean has really enjoyed exploring this Melissa and Doug house.  It has four doors each one locks and has a different doorbell sound.  It comes with four play people.  He does still need help but can use it if the key is placed in the lock.

5)  We put the contents of this Farm Safari toob into a treasure chest for Bean.  He loves these and has really been delving into some small world play and I find the toobs great for language work.

6)Farm touch and feel cards, Bean has always enjoyed these not just for the pictures but as a practical posting exercise!

7) Farm puzzle – a big hit this month.  Here is a similar farm peg puzzle from Amazon.  I have noticed how good Bean is with puzzles far better than my bigger three were at his age.  I think it is probably because his environment is carefully prepared and as such he seems to explore the items he has on his shelf more fully.  My bigger three used to flit from one thing to another generally leaving a trail of destruction!  Big thumbs up from us for a Montessori prepared environment!

8) Paint dabbers.  I will confess that I felt drawn to these myself as they looked such fun to use, my biggies couldn’t resist them either.  Bean was able to handle them easily and extended his work to practical life too by spending ages unscrewing and screwing on the lids!  Minimal mess so they come highly recommended by us!

9) Sensory tub consisting of sand, shells and two small buckets and mini spade.  Bean explored this in a variety of ways, filling, transferring, hiding.  He spent a long time handling the shells too and holding them up to his ears.

10) Practical life activity inspired by watching siblings clean their bikes.  Of course Bean had to join in and wash his tractor.

11) Inspired by his love of Duck in the truck we created a duck by sticking on yellow feathers.

 12)  Exploring the locks and keys.

13 & 14) Duck in the Truck mark making, simple printout and red felt tip pen.

15)Beans finished products!  

I have linked to products when possible for convenience.  Thanks for your support.

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