Not back to School…

It is year 7 of not going back to School for us although our routines are all having a revamp with Fairy, the only one who has been to School, opting to go to College to pursue some of her passions in further detail.  It has been amazing to witness Fairy spreading her wings with grace and confidence and she is enjoying College life so far.  You can read more of her story here and here.  

Hubby has also switched jobs which has him working closer to home with better pay and back to day work for the time being.  So we are getting used to doing an early bus stop run and enjoying having Daddy’s company in the evenings again.  Hence the reason for not much blog action lately!  

Superhero and Mermaid have been enjoying bushcraft, football, spider poison experiments and watching YouTube videos on the biggest spiders in the world.  Eek all rather topical since we seem to have had an influx of the big, hairy spider variety recently.  Little Bean is toddling fast and furious towards his 2nd birthday  which frankly I am struggling to believe – its feels as though I have only just blogged about his arrival! 

Hope everyone is enjoying going back/not going back to School! 

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