Montessori Baby Play – 22 months

The months seem to be whizzing past…Here are some of Beans activities from the last month from left to right, top to bottom.  Please note these items are on his shelf which he only has access to when supervised I wouldn’t let him access any of the smaller items unsupervised due to choking hazards.

1) His three favourite books this month are Bumpety Bump by Pat Hutchins, Playtime Rhymes by Tony Ross and Mr Pusskins Colours by Sam Lloyd.  My personal favourite is Bumpety Bump, beautiful illustrations about a little boy helping his Grandad pick fruit and vegetables whilst they are followed by a hen.  They then in turn follow the hen to discover the egg it has laid.  This is the longest book Bean has been enthralled by so far!

2) Miniature farm in a tin which consists of a little felt mat with wooden figures, lovely for language work and imaginative play.  But also doubling up as practical life work as Bean loves to pack it all away in the little tin and then unload it all again.

3) He loves this multipurpose toy – from Ikea.  It is a pull along toy, shape sorter and magnetic toy.  He has spent a lot of time sorting the shapes and pulling this transporter around.

4) Wooden elephant puzzle – too tricky to manage by himself although he enjoys deconstructing it.

 5) Following his love of all things transport at the moment I made him a little basket of different vehicles to play with.  It includes a train, motorbike, car and tractor.  This is used several times a day without fail and he was delighted with the Playmobil motorbike.

6) A little wooden wiggly worm toy.  He hasn’t been too impressed with this but has investigated it a couple of times.

7) A spur of the moment shoe cleaning activity inspired by big sister Fairy who was cleaning her trainers.  Little Bean spent ages polishing his crocs with wipes.

8) Tactile matching game, Bean has worked with this on a few previous occasions but it was exciting to note that he was actually matching them this time round.  

I have included item links where possible, some may be affiliate links – many thanks for your continued support!

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