Baby Play – 20 months




So confession time I didn’t alter Beans shelf much this past month as we were on holiday and then I took it easy for a few weeks – see this post. this post.  He also has been really keen to carry on playing with some items, noticeably the sticker book, air travel puzzle and the magnetic maze.  This has been the month where he has gone big into small world play with the cars and carpark being his favourite.  He literally spends hours lining up his vehicles and moving them around.  He has also had a speech explosion and is popping in new words constantly.  It never fails to amaze me the learning capacity of a young child.  He has a couple of songs (in Spanish)that he loved on holiday that he sings and dances to which is super cute.

Wooden train – he spotted this in one of his boxes and requested it.  He loves to talk about the cow.

Pink tower – I took out the three biggest as he is stacking small bricks with ease now but they are a bit too heavy for him to manipulate easily so will pop them away for a while.

Chalkboard, chalk and damp sponge – Bean is keen on mark making (see this post!)so I want to offer him some different experiences with this.  He really enjoyed this and wanted to show everyone his marks.

One of the biggies has been using these uni fix cubes so of course Bean was intrigued so I popped a few in his treasure box and showed him how to fix them together.  We also played at putting them on the 100 square which he enjoyed to.

Big and small tractors, Beans absolute most favourite thing in the world!

Cars and car park another favourite

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