Summer Holidays


We are just coming to the end of our 6th full year of home educating. Summer holidays to date have just been a continuation of life with perhaps some different focuses. I have written before about it here. However I think our Summers may be a little different from now on. I had already decided that I wanted to put some dates in the diary for things to do mainly as my three biggies have a firm group of School attending friends in our lovely village. The minute their friends are out of School my three disappear to the joys of the park, football matches, den building, tree climbing, bike riding, dance choreographing and other such adventures. I love that they do this but I also miss them loads. Additionally with Fairy off to college in September it’s seems important to make time for some quality family time together. I am not one to spend a fortune on activities and our ideas are currently the following:

Cinema trip – I urge you to check the websites of your local cinemas as many do a ‘kids club’ screening. It’s usually morning but at substantially reduced prices. We have managed to get tickets for all six of us to see Kung Fu Panda 3 3D for £9!

Home ed trip to local farm and museum free entry as educational group.

Chipnic at our local beach – cost of chips and carpark.

Picnic at our local forest/park.

Camping in the garden – at the request of Mermaid who would like a real fire and s’mores! More than likely will end up camping until 10pm then indoors- we’ll see….

Baking that one is a given!

Movie afternoon with above baked goodies.

BBQ with obligatory water fight.

We are also squeezing in a three day trip to see all the cousins and both girls have August birthdays.  So hopefully a win win – Mama gets quality time with kiddos and big three also get plenty of time with friends.

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