Ebb and Flow

Most of us pay lip service to the value of ‘me-time’ but do we really embrace it?  

Since returning from our hols I have been feeling a bit flat and not hugely motivated to do much.  Not down but just in neutral.  I’ve had a few moments of ‘I should be…’ But then I stopped myself in my tracks and thought this doesn’t need to be a negative.  

Of course Society has everyone pitched as superhuman and capable of multitasking 24/7 but it’s just not natural is it?  There are cycles, ebbs and flows, in and out, we need those ebbs just to breathe, take stock, relax, recharge and smell the roses.  Of course I still played with my kiddos, cooked dinner and did the laundry but I didn’t fill every waking second.  When Bean has his nap I would maybe take one too or read my book, I ignored the ironing mountain, the admin and the dust beginning to settle.  I felt quite naughty actually, I’ve never been a good rebel!  But there was a certain liberation in the ‘so what’ attitude.

You know what I am so pleased I listened to my ‘self’ , it felt right, it was right and I feel my own energies beginning to rise again, new ideas and resources to check out for home ed are occurring to me, I am beginning to feel keen to get cleaning and decluttering the house, I have started looking for new recipes to cook.  Everything is gathering momentum and starting to flow again.  Guess what?  Life carried on, the ironing mountain will be conquered, the admin was tackled quickly and efficiently and the dust has been banished – for now anyway.  

It’s so simple yet so hard to do but give it a try, honour yourself and you may just find everything clicks into place without the struggle and efforting. 

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