Baby Play – 19 months



Here are some of the things Bean has been interested in over the last month.  We were fortunate enough to spend two weeks abroad where Bean spent most of his time exploring sand and water play, swimming and dancing!   From left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Stacking bricks, just four at this stage but easily accomplished.

  2. Dressing bears – Bean is beginning to enjoy small world play, he wasn’t able to change the clothes on these but he enjoyed playing with the Bears and directing me to dress/undress them.

  3. Clock puzzle, presented on the shelf with one piece out at a time to simplify it.

  4. Fuzzy felt faces, I picked out a set of features and put them in a basket for Bean to place on the face.  He is into stacking at the moment so all the features were placed on top of each other – he did the same with the stickers from his air travel sticker book.

  5. Air travel puzzle – quickly mastered.  He loves this and does it over and over again.

  6. Strange one this – one of the biggies got this on holiday-an inflatable beach ball with pump.  Bean loved it and spent literally hours lining the pump up with the hole in the ball and using the pump.

  7. Floating and sinking on holiday.  Various items in the bucket, shells, ball, seaweed.

  8. Filling and emptying on holiday, both water and sand.  Using the little spade, vrake and watering can.  Washing the sand off his toys with the watering can was a big hit.

  9. Sweeping using a child sized broom.  Not quite mastered but very keen as the biggies have sweeping chores!

  10. Threading cheese.

  11. Cutting play dough with a knife.  My play dough recipe can be found here.

  12. Spooning Cheerios.

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