Air Travel With Toddlers


It has been a while since we have travelled via plane with a toddler and being the energetic, feisty little bundle that Bean is I wanted to do my best to ensure it was as stress free as possible.  Fortunately our flight was only a couple of hours long but still long enough with a squirmy toddler wriggling about on your lap.  I took a small bag with things for him to do, with three items being things he hadn’t seen before as I thought the novelty factor could buy us some time.  We took:

threading cheese, familiar to Bean.

Busy Beach book, lots of things to push, pull and slide, he was actually more engaged with this on the flight home since he was by then familiar with many of the things in the book.

On the plane sticker activity book, I had the stickers all prepared before we went and being a fairly new activity he enjoyed the sticking process.  Since being home he has engaged further with this book again probably as it became an experience he could relate to.

– magnetic maze activity.  The little wand attracts the magnetic balls inside and they can then be guided through the maze.  This is an Amazon equivalent.

This buckle toy is the one thing I wish I had managed to get hold of as Bean had suddenly become really interested in buckles just prior to going away.

I specifically avoided taking pens/crayons as they always end up on the floor, the cheese and the maze had the fine motor part attached so no chance of losing it.  They were all a big hit with Bean on the plane and kept him quietly occupied.  Interspersed with a couple of boxes of raisins and the emergency backup of Daddy’s iPhone we managed the flights fairly unscathed.


2 thoughts on “Air Travel With Toddlers

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