Holiday heaven…


We have been lucky enough to have been enjoying the above for the last couple of weeks.  Beautiful weather, beautiful location, amazing people and of course contrary to the beliefs of the ‘powers that be’ so much learning continued as ever – all without a scrap of coercing or pre-planning or resource creating.  Amongst other things we…

got up close and personal with jellyfish and learnt to collect them safely,

observed, fed and got bitten by fish

observed a working lighthouse

trekked through a pine forest and discovered lots of lizards

played water volleyball, football, shuttle board, jenga, table tennis, pool, bat and ball

swam lots both in the sea and the swimming pools

learnt to snorkel

built ever improving sandcastles and sand ball runs

made friends, socialised

learnt and performed dances

practised and improved our Spanish

shopped using a different currency

played bingo, consolidating knowledge of numbers to 100 in Spanish

learnt numbers to 100 in German

learnt some songs in Spanish

tried and enjoyed new foods

saw cloud formations from below , above and in the middle of.

Experienced air travel for the first time (Bean)

Of course there was so much more.  

We met a lovely family who also home educated which is a first for us on our travels (if you are reading sorry I didn’t get to say Goodbye before you left!)  Then there were of course lots of School attending families who had to jump through various hoops to achieve their precious family time together!

3 thoughts on “Holiday heaven…

  1. Sounds like a fantastic time. I always felt that holidays were as educational as any other time which is why it’s so daft that schools restrict parents taking kids out in term time. I think you’ve proved the point. Thanks for popping over to my blog and sharing in the post holiday commiserations! 😉 x

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