The Beauty of Rotating Activities

With my biggies toys were kept in baskets, cupboards, shelves and chests and were accessible by the biggies at all times.  The result – chaos, I have written about it before here.  

I vowed to do it differently this time round with Bean, we are following a Montessori approach where the environment and the presentation of activities is key.  Thus I keep all of Beans things in clear, plastic, lidded boxes and we use a low shelving unit to house a few activities at a time.  I rotate the items roughly every 1-2 weeks although anything he is really using regularly stays put.  I have offered the fabric texture box about 3 times previously and whilst Bean has looked at them it has been very fleeting.  I offered these again on his shelf recently and at the moment he is using this as one of his main works.  He gets each material square out and examines it back and front, then feels them both on his leg and then his face.   Its amazing to observe how long he works with this for and how carefully he is examining them and in such detail.  

This never happened with my biggies – why? – because there was too much chaos around them, toys/activities were incomplete, parts missing, needed setting up.  They were distracted by all the ‘stuff’ going on.  There is something very beautiful and enticing about just a handful of activities presented each in a beautiful basket or tray with fresh, ready to use resources.  As I have said before less is so much more and items that would have been dismissed as not holding interest maybe just needed withdrawing for a period of time and re-offered at a later date.

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