Baby Sleep Diaries – An Update!

Its been no secret that Bean is a night party owl, I have written about it before here. So in the blur that is sleepless nights the baby became a toddler ….but ….I am pleased to report that we have turned a corner.  Whilst I still cannot claim that Bean sleeps through until morning as he still wakes 2/3 times a night but he does settle very quickly now and we don’t begin our day until a civilised 5am – honestly this is such an improvement!  

I will detail what we did in a future post but for now will say that we waited until we felt it would be beneficial to us all to tackle it, we used Hand In Hand Parenting by Connection listening tools but above all I really did know that it wasn’t going to be forever.  It helps I guess that I had been there before with three previous babies although Bean really does get the sleepless nights crown as he is or should I say was the master of it!  As hard as it sounds and sometimes it really was, I tried to savor those times and drink them in.  Really appreciating those bubba cuddles and ongoing, endless nighttime feeds, plus I feel pretty well educated in the sounds of Mozart now so the learning never ends!

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