5am Nature lesson…

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Bean and I were up at the usual 5am, we always enjoy a quiet hour together before the others begin to emerge.  I had opened the windows as it was a truly beautiful morning and we were listening to the birds singing.  When bold as brass this little guy came to join us, he flew down to our chairs and then on to Beans shelving unit so he was eye level and within arms reach and began singing.  Bean was totally mesmerised and sat really quietly transfixed.  He stayed with us for a good five minutes before he gave us a really low flyby and then disappeared back out of the window.  As soon as he left Bean was chatting away excitedly and pointing to the window.  He couldn’t wait to share his news with his siblings and Daddy.  Later that day we were out in the garden and a bird began to sing in the apple tree above us,  Bean started gesturing to me and got really excited – he had recognised the birds song!  Experiences teach…..

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