Baby Play – 18 months


Gosh I am finding it hard to believe that we are at 18 months already!  So as usual here are some of the things Toddler Bean has been exploring, from left to right, top to bottom.

 1) Three favourite books of the month, Lulu’s holidayIt’s Mine and Who lives here.  Lulu’s holiday has been useful as the baby has sun cream put on  and wears a hat in the sun, given our lovely weather recently Bean could relate to these.  He also demonstrated that he had absorbed the animal vocabulary in Who lives here as he could find all the animals on the last page when asked.

2) Posting play buttons – still popular, described previously here.

 3) Wedgits as described previously here another favourite.  

4) Melissa and Doug shape puzzle, I present this to Bean with one puzzle piece out to start with, once he is familiar with that shape and where it goes we move on to two shapes out and so on.

5) Flower nomenclature cards – link can be found on my Montessori printables page.  I just printed out the ones we have in our garden so Bean had experienced the ‘real’ versions. I keep these cards in a small treasure chest and he loves getting them out and putting them back in.  We had also planted out some seeds this month which provided some pouring activities which are not pictured.  

6)Object permanence box with drawer, fully mastered and still enjoyed.  

7) Tray of weighted cylinder, colour coded for control of error, obviously matching is too advanced for bean but just the sensory experience of handling them is great.  

8) This pop up toy but I placed the cylinders in a small flower box to satisfy Beans open/close fascination.

 9) Russian dolls – I generally present these stacked and Bean removes them all – more open and close!  

10) Homemade play dough – recipe here– I thought we could play hide and find the seed and plant the seed but obviously walking through playdough in bare feet and creating footprints was far more appealing!  Following the child….  

11) Melissa and Doug match up transport puzzle used mainly to open up, remove all the pieces and post them into the puzzle box.  

12) This pincer activity, another tin to open – there’s a theme going on here!  Bean loved using this.  

13) A simple activity created with a paint palette and some pom-poms.  Bean just transferred the pom-poms into the holes on the palette another one he really enjoyed.  

14) A small basket of duplo bricks which he worked out pretty quickly he could fix together and take apart.  

15) Some pop up flowers and hidden behind them we had created some handprints stuck onto craft sticks for his own vase of flowers.  He actually went on to take these out and put them back in independently so some simple flower arranging probably would have been a great activity to introduce.  

16) finally a tractor canvas.  To do this I printed out a tractor and stuck it to the canvas.  I then put some blobs of paint around the canvas and let Bean loose. Once dry we removed the tractor silhouette.  

Nursery rhyme for the month was I’m a little seed – to the tune of I’m a little teapot.  

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