I wanted to share this resource with other UK home educators.  Last year my biggies were keen to extend their independence around our village by going out on their bikes.  I remember when I was at School we had cycling proficiency training so I decided to investigate further in an effort to equip my biggies with some road safety.

Bikeability training in levels 1&2 is offered at most Schools throughout the UK so I thought I would try to set something up for our local home ed group.  I am happy to report they were very accommodating, they even accepted my youngest biggie who was officially outside the age frame.  We had our training over two days and it was provided for free of charge, the two guys that provided our training were brilliant and all our children passed both levels 1&2.  They were flexible with our training which is normally offered over four mornings however this wasn’t so practical for our group who are rather spread out location wise so we did two long mornings instead, 8.30am – 2pm if I remember correctly.  

All our children enjoyed the training and since we had it during the May half term the instructors were able to add in a couple of School children who had missed their Schools Bikeability training.  All in all a brilliant free resource and I certainly feel much better when my guys want to take their bikes out.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Bikeability.

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