Baby Play – 16 months





I decided to create a monthly post detailing some of Beans activities as I have found similar ideas really helpful for some age inspired ideas.  Here are some of the things Bean has enjoyed during his 16th month.  From left to right, top to bottom.

1) Mark making, he has just started to show an interest in mark making so just a simple sheet of paper with block wax crayons.  I did start out giving him the whole tin but he would change tactic and use it as a transferring activity which is fine.  Just offering one crayon at a time kept him focussed on mark making.  

2) We have these cute wooden eggs so I created a transferring exercise for him from the basket to the egg box.  He loved this activity and did it many times.  

3) I have hankered after the gorgous wooden Montessori posting box but decided to create one.  I cut a large slit in the top of a cylinder lid and we used some large buttons to post.  Another activity which has lasted the month and is still in use.  

4) A blue themed treasure basket of bits found around the house.

 5)&6) Spooning rice.  Another favourite activity.

7) A red themed treasure basket of bits found around the house

 8) Practical life activity – hoovering.  Bean gets so excited to get the hoover out.  I am seriously considering a handheld Dyson for him!

 9) Another posting activity.  Here I used a nutella jar, cut slits in the lid and gave Bean some craft sticks to slot in.

10) Pouring walnuts.

11) Practical life activity – peeling banana.  I cut the banana into chunks and slit the skin to make it easy to peel. 

12) Bean has a basket of books that is regularly changed.  These are the books he has really enjoyed and looked at over and over this month. 

We’re going on a bear hunt,’ a classic.  Bean loves tracking the dog through the pages. 

– ‘Wilbur’s book of first words,’ I prefer vocabulary books to have ‘real’ pictures but Bean is really taken with this book especially the ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ page!

‘Usbornes Find the Puppy,’ cute book featuring scenes that are likely to be familiar to toddlers.  Bean loves the breakfast table page where he likes to point to each item and listen to me name them.  (These are Amazon Affiliate Links, I only link to products we have used and recommend, thanks for your support!) 

After a couple of months working on his gross motor skills namely walking/running, this month he has been working on his fine motor skills.  He just loves transferring and posting items at the moment.  I just love to observe the work periods he sets up for himself where he gets totally absorbed in his activity.



4 thoughts on “Baby Play – 16 months

  1. Finding little “gems” in a rice bowl or the noodle/cheerio’s necklace trick are some of my favorites as well…..Loved your article and all the great ideas you have posted!


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