Lists – To do or not to do…..

If you believe in the left/right brain dominance theories then I am your classic left brain personality! I am a planner, I love it, that and lists, targets, aims.  It’s all heaven to me – along with new stationary!!  My husband always laughs at me but it’s no joke that I love…(need?) to know what my next meal is, when my next meal is, what we are doing at the weekend, you get the picture.  

However sometimes I just drive myself crazy with my to- do list and want to hit myself over the head with it!  This week a cold has been working its way around us all and I really struggle at times to adapt, go with the flow and fly by the seat of my pants!  Even though my logical left brain tells me that catching up with admin/chores etc will be so much quicker and easier when I am lurgy free and less sleep deprived!  

But I managed it!  I binned the to-do list, ditched the plan to do some Science and Spanish, then when Bean had his daytime sleep the biggies and I enjoyed a duvet afternoon – twice this week.  We enjoyed freshly baked bread and cake courtesy of Fairy.  We watched Night at the Museum – the latest one, All over the workplace – a children’s programme featuring different careers and Naomie’s Nightmares of Nature – an interesting programme featuring different animals from different Countries.  It was such a relief to let go and I even managed early nights all week.  

Anyone else a slave to their list sometimes?  Any good strategies to share?

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