Wedgits-Construction Toy


I have a post in the making on Bean’s 16 month activities and adventures but we have really enjoyed re-discovering our wedgits and wanted to share.  We dug these out of our stores at the weekend and I had forgotten how much fun they were.  Everyone has stopped to have a play with them and Bean has done little else.  I love his little pursed lips when he is concentrating on something and he has built some fab creations, all the creations above were made by him.  Our set was fairly comprehensive and came with some design cards and a wipe clean activity book.   I am not a huge fan of brightly coloured plastic items but these along with our Lego, duplo and sticklebricks have survived the various de-cluttering and plastic culling sessions.  I would happily extend our wedgits collection.  


This is the starter kit available from Amazon.

Product Details

These are the design cards that came with our pack.



Product Details

One of the less budget busting Wedgit kits

Product Details

These look similar and are much more economical with great reviews on Amazon.  They are not the wedgits brand though so I can’t comment on their quality.



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