LEA Visit

If you have removed your child from School it is pretty likely that you will find your LEA is very keen to meet with you on an annual basis.  There is no requirement to do so and you can opt out.  We decided to embrace the visits as it just seemed easier than trying to avoid them.  I did feel quite fearful of them though as they are not generally well received in the home educating community.  I remember when we de-registered back in 2010 and there was a lot of skepticism, fear(?) and trepidation regarding LEA visits and I easily got caught up with the worry of it.  I wanted to write this post as I do allow the visits, they do see and chat to my children and I have found them to be a really positive experience.

 We have had two visits to date with two different people, both have been knowledgable regarding various methods of home educating, have read some John Holt and one had home educated her own children.  They embraced autonomous education as much as a more traditional approach and understood fully that different methods suited different families.  Both visits have been very informal and really just consisted of a good chat, actually I quizzed them far more than they asked of me!  I really believe that I personally would have benefitted from seeing them early on, I think they would allayed many of my fears and I probably would have relaxed far more in the beginning.

  I do accept though that perhaps not everyone is so lucky with their LEA and should I have had the gentleman who advised marking all the child’s work in red pen I may have had a few choice words to share with him!  Yes that really happened!

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